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Nature Inspired Tiles from Emil

Emil Ceramica of Italy has produced the most incredulous ceramic tiles. Tell me that the floor in the photo above doesn’t look exactly like wood planks! Their Millelegni line of ceramic tiles emulates wood – the best wood in the world, wood it would be impossible to harvest today due to scarcity and cost (not to mention responsibility). But to create it from ceramic? A look-alike that is environmentally friendly? And so warm looking, even though the tile is cold to the touch. Brilliant! But they weren’t content to stop there — they also created the Zerodesign line – emulating sand dunes (see below). They’ve managed to recreate the look of ripples of small dunes in the sun-bleached sand in a tile. Can’t you just feel that warm sand between your toes? The warmth – and presence – of nature is brought indoors with these fine Italian tiles.

Doesn’t this floor look like you’re at the beach?
I’m sure the ocean is just outside that door…
More information: Emil


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