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Keuco visiPad by Visiomatic multimedia system – the bathroom Supper-multimedia

The Keuco visiPad Mediastation multimedia system is a product of a joint effort by Keuco and Visiomatic. Keuco visiPad is a splash protected multimedia system for the bathroom that enables all media functions through one easily navigable screen. Just finger-tap on the touchscreen or use the remote, and you can surf Internet while bathing or listen to the radio, talk on the phone, write SMS messages, read the newspaper, listen DVD, CD … or just have it display a large digital clock, all in the convenience of your bathroom. The visiPad multimedia system is a direct reflection of Keuco’s philosophy that is “The bathroom is not just a room you enter the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, and in which relatively little time is spent actually living. Instead, the bathroom has become a living space, in which body and soul are revitalized. And, as in all other living spaces in our age of communications, media such as radio, telephone, television, and MP3 player are becoming more and more common companions.” There is also an option for a mirrored-glass screen. And with a screen size up to 46″, the visiPad can be made into a home cinema, with a wide screen format. Other sizes available are 10″, 15″, 19″ and wide screen 23″, 26″, 31″, 37″. For style savvy, in-wall mounting would be the most elegant installation option over off-wall mounting or free-standing. Available in many colours. Keuco.



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