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Multi Color Sink and Shower Base from Disegno Ceramica: Splash and Ovo

Brilliant graphic bathroom fixtures, the Disegno Ceramica Multi Color Sink and Shower Base make a dramatic contemporary statement for today’s luxury interiors. Each of the Multi Color designs uses an intense vibrant orange to accent their sculptural graphic forms. The white and orange fixtures are available in two distinctive styles. The Splash sink and Splash shower base feature an undulating organic shape with a splash of bright color. In contrast the Disegno Ceramica Ovo sink offers a smooth and simple oval form with a similarly shaped basin scooped out. The contrasting width around the Ovo sink recalls retro geometric patterns, for a graphic basin design. Stunning strong designs with a powerful presence, the Disegno Ceramica Multi Color Shower Base and Sinks bring a contemporary graphical edge to modern bathroom design.
Disegno multi-color sink Splash
Disegno multi-color shower base Splash
Disegno multi-color sink Ovo


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