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Multi Color Interior Design by Anna Coyle

Created by Anne Coyle Interiors, the multi-color interior design of this Lincoln Park home boast dramatic statements and a rich combination of colors. Each space in this residence possesses its own character and style, creating a strong impression on those who pass through these rooms. The formal living and dining room maintains a foundation of brown, with dollops of black and pink, completing the entire look with gold walls. Just across the dining room, lights and shadows sell the drama instead of color. The kitchen’s family room goes bold with a gold fireplace, with vibrance hinted through pillows and the single-seaters. The hearth has a similar gold wall to the formal dining idea, but with seating of various character. The family room is refreshing to the eyes, with a playful combination of fuschia and lime, and patterns familiar to the 70’s era. Lastly, the bedroom is pattern-rich, and emulates the glamour felt in luxurious hotels. Covering a wide range of colors and concepts, the entire house still manages to match as a collective whole.

Anne Coyle is known for impressive use of color in interior design. More examples of the Chicago designer’s vibrant projects can be found on her official website, Anne Coyle Interiors.


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