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Mountain Home Glass Walls and Terrace Made for Views

Talk about living on the edge! This modern mountain house designed by Japanese architecture firm Kidosaki Architects Studio features incredible views, perched on the side of the Yatsugatake Mountains in Nagano, Japan. The homeowner spent a great deal of time selecting this particular site, which enjoys private views that are rarely seen by outsider eyes. The home cantilevers over the mountain, engaging nature, architecture and everyday life. Glass walls and a large terrace ensure nature is an ever-present fixture here. Likewise, interiors are a cool combination of organic materials and sleek style, with the scenery looming over it all.

mountain home glass walls and terrace made for views 1 thumb 630x419 29440 Mountain Home Glass Walls and Terrace Made for Views

mountain home glass walls and terrace made for views 2 thumb 630x419 29442 Mountain Home Glass Walls and Terrace Made for Views

The house itself was designed to make the most of the scenery, with a long, linear layout that maximizes the windows and thus, the views.


The house sits on a steep slope, and rather than conforming to the lay of the land, the architects used it as a springboard, so to speak, for a house that reminds us of a diving board – cantilevered over the landscape and launching you into the view.


“When I visited the site, my first impression was that this untapped and expansive nature must be embraced into the interior to the greatest extent possible,” according to the architect. “I decided to arrange the house such that this horizontal expanded scenery must be maximized. In order to realize this design, I introduced mega structures column enabling half of the house to extend into the air. To support this large overhanging floor, two diagonal bracing steel cylinders, each 300 mm in diameter, is introduced. With this, the house floats in the midst of glorious natural surroundings. With this overhanging structure, the breeze of the mountain plateau flows through the interior, and makes you coexistent with nature.”


The view-side of the house features a balcony that runs the length of the home, and behind it a glass wall, so you can take in the scenery from indoors or out.


Just step out, and take it all in first hand.


Inside, floor-to-ceiling picture windows illuminate interiors with natural light and interestingly, define them by their exterior surroundings.


You pass through an enclosed hallway, and enter into a sprawling living space wrapped in the views.


And what views they are! With glass walls that wrap around the living room, you actually feel like you’re sitting in nature. Inspire of the expansive glazing and open layout. the home is cozy and intimate. A fireplace tucked into the corner lends its warmth and charm to the space.


The large, comfy couches are the perfect place to kick back and lose yourself in the mountain scenery.


Interiors feature the perfect balance between contemporary, and earthy. Glass lets in the light and views, while contemporary furnishings and balanced by natural materials, like this richly veined marble behind the fireplace, bordering the balcony and lining the hall.


Kidosaki Architects Studio
via Contemporist



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