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Molded Wood Chaise Longue by LOP

What a comfortable looking Chaise Longue! The Zeeen Chaise Lounge by LOP Furniture in Denmark is made from molded wood elements with olive ash veneer. The curve of this piece is a real show stopper. Thin steel rods inside the wood give this piece stability – but they are not visible to the eye in the slightest. The steel legs are lacquered in a marvelous red. There are so many ways you can dress up this luxurious chaise – we love the bright checkerboard cover above. And we also love the lambskin cover below! Doesn’t that just look like you could sink down into it and be napping in seconds? And note the attention to detail – three red dots on the headrest to balance the red in the legs – they think of everything from comfort to style. Can’t you imagine relaxing on this lounger on a covered deck as the sun is setting?

The three red dots on the headrest show the attention to detail!
More information: LOP


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