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Modern-Day Green House – North Carlton Green House by Zen Architects

This isn’t your typical greenhouse. The North Carlton Green House, designed by Zen Architects, is an eco-oasis in Melbourne, Australia, incorporating nature, architecture and sustainable design into one ultra-modern package. Taking a cue from the traditional greenhouse, the North Carlton Green House incorporates plants inside and out to create a lush, living and breathing home offering improved indoor air quality. A 375-sq.-ft. rooftop garden uses rain water and grey water for irrigation, providing a visually refreshing sanctuary high above all the hustle and bustle, while doing doubly duty to insulate the home. Heating is taken care of, thanks to a two-storey shaft that lets the sun penetrate the home’s concrete floor and ceiling. A solar hot water system and hydronic heating system provide additional heat, coupled with high-performance insulation and double-glazed windows to trap it inside. Alternately, the shaft also functions as a passive cooling system by catching the breeze in its strategically placed windows and cross ventilating the home. Zen Architects
via Inhabitat



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