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Modern Waterfront Home – Timber Design in Australia

Described by Australian architect Dane Richardson as “sophistication and elegance on the beach,” this modern waterfront home is making some waves in Dunsborough, Western Australia. Refining traditional beach-hut architecture, this stunning timber home is framed and clad in wood with extensive glazing which connects it to nature while giving it a cool, contemporary edge. The home’s northern facade is a full glass wall, which floods interiors with natural light and creates a direct connection to the waterfront. Even within the confines of the house, you can’t escape this wonderful sense of the outdoors. Earthy materials like honed concrete, blue stone, timber tiles and white mosaic floors personify nature refined. Cantilevered living and sleeping areas and a balcony create the illusion of floating within these lush surroundings. Obviously, respect for the environment was a key consideration in this natural house design, which incorporates sustainable features like high and low thermal mass materials, low-VOC paints and finishes, low-emission glass, a grey-water recycling system, electronic window blinds to curb unwanted heat loss and gain, solar water heating, insulated ceilings and walls, rainwater collection and low-emission cabinet. Dane Design Australia
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