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Modern Upgrade by Adding These Modern Pieces to Your Home Décor

Whether you’re moving into a small apartment with traditional vibes, or you are trying to modernize your parent’s home that was passed down to you adding modern pieces can give your home the edge you seek. Of course, you can always go to a contemporary furniture store to browse modern pieces that will work well with your home. Or you can take the following 10 tips and give your home the modern vibes you seek.

Contemporary Art Pieces

One contemporary art piece in your living room can bring your entire décor together.

When we think of modern the very first thing that may come to find is art. Art is an excellent way to give a home a modernized appearance without needing to change your entire décor. Placing contemporary art pieces around your home is the perfect modern touch to any décor. When seeking the perfect piece of contemporary art look for pieces that have colors that complement your existing furniture pieces.

Try a Different Layout

Create a space that speaks to you every time you entire a room.

Placing a large couch in a pretty small room may not seem like the thing to do unless you are an interior designer or have read one of our latest articles on how to maximize the size of a small room. However, it works and it makes a room feel cozy.

Instead, of going for the traditional layout that you see on all furniture magazine consider doing your own thing and making your home flow with your personality. You may fall in love with the layout you come up with.

Oversized Lamp Pendants

Modernize your kitchen with large pendant lamps.

One of the most effortless ways you can create a modern look in your home is to play with sizing. Instead of clustering decorative accessories of the same size together, choose items that normally would not work well together. Choose bold, large pieces such as oversized lamp pendants.

These will not only brighten up any room that may be dark, but they will also bring a unique yet captivating aspect to any room they are placed in.

Stack Books

Play with different book sizes to further your modern look.

Modernizing the appearance of your home does not need to be a difficult task. In fact, one of the easiest ways to modernize the appearance of your home is to integrate books into your current décor. Instead of having different pieces to add height consider using books to create a more modern appearance while obtaining the same height effect.

Large Prints on Traditional Furniture

Adding a modern twist to your traditional chairs will give personality to any room.

Change the upholstery in the classic furniture pieces you have at home. If you have a few chairs or even a couch that has been loved and worn out. Consider reupholstering it instead of getting rid of it. When selecting the fabric to reupholster the furniture, decide on a fabric that has a large print. This will bring a contemporary and modern look to any furniture you choose to upgrade the look of.

Bold Colored Rug

A fun rug will bring any room to life.

When we contemplate the idea of decorating a home or a specific room bold colors are the last thing we might think of or consider. Instead, we gravitate towards neutral tones that will match with every accessory item we may add to the room.

Although, this is true adding fun colors will bring out the beauty of a room in a modern way. Adding a fun colored rug in a monotone room will enhance and expand the appearance of the room with little to no effort needed.

Match the Wall to the Trim

Take it a set further and use one solid color on your entire walls.

We have always been taught the trim of a room should be either white or a contrasting color to the tone on the wall. This is no longer the case. Instead, of painting the trim of your walls a contrast shade, match the shade of your trim to the shade of your walls making it one solid color. This will bring a modern vibe to the home as soon as you enter the space.

Mix Patterns

Keep the mixed patterns cohesive by keeping the color scheme similar.

Find decorative pieces you like with mixed patterns and make them part of your décor. Making a room, modern is all about taking pieces you love and making them part of the décor you already have. If you have a favorite print, consider using it in different colors for a modern take.

Oversized Couch 

Choose a couch color that goes well with your current décor.

Having an oversized couch may be the last decorative piece you may consider having because of how much room they tend to take up. However, they can actually be the statement piece you need to give your home the modern outlook you seek. To take it a step further add colorful throw pillows to accentuate the neutral tone of your oversized couch.


Choose a wallpaper that has colors that work with your kitchen elements

Many people will look at wallpaper and consider it outdated or a total pain to get right. Although wallpaper is not the easiest task to complete it is extremely modern and chic. And when done correctly wallpaper can give any room the modernization it needs instantly.

Giving your traditional home a modern look does not need to be difficult. Simply take the items above and create the modern place you have always dreamed of having.


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