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Modern Retake on Gabled Roofline Covers the Angles

Located in Krakow, Poland and designed by Architekt Tadeusz Lemanski, Jare House is a contemporary retake on the traditional gabled roof with its large voids under the roofline providing spaces for sheltered outdoor living. The voids are further enhanced by cladding the shaded sections of the facade in 12″x24″ stone tiles installed in a modern stacked pattern. The grey tones within the tiles are picked up on the metal roof and the two-sided terrace overlooking the backyard pool.

The front facade of the home repeats the stacked tile motif but instead of featuring it on the shadiest wall, the tiles are the feature detail on the most exposed section of the architecture. This attention grabbing tile diverts attention from the garage that is set back and under a second void beneath the roofline.
From the side, the interplay of the white elements against the grey is a fluid pattern that is picked up and repeated within the islands of landscaping.
From the entry looking up, the 20deg rotation of the roof to the home is apparent as the first rafter angles into the home’s façade before disappearing. The architects purposefully adjusted the longitudinal axis to help conceal such features as the garage.
Inside the home odd angles are left behind in favor of clean and crisp 90deg walls clad in wood, wallpaper or gyproc. The floor is a polished winter white that gleams next to the walnut cabinetry in the kitchen/dining areas and the dramatic wallpaper in the hallway.
The gleaming white floors define the hall; kitchen and dining areas while the living room and stairwell repeat the walnut shades of the kitchen cabinetry.
While the first four steps have closed risers, the rest are left open and are attached to a clear glass balustrade for a light filled passageway to the 2nd volume.
Upstairs a large family area is presented under a glass and truss ceiling. A large terrace accessed through glass sliders further connects this upper level with the outdoors.
The large expanses of glazing combined with the large specimen plants in containers creates a garden level solarium effect for this magical family room – what a beautiful space.
Back downstairs, the living room offers a different aesthetic of minimalist lines and wide-open space. Enhancing this visual is the choice of a floor Anglepoise light next to the creamy leather seating.
Just outside the living room is a wrap around terrace that has both sheltered and exposed zones, allowing the homeowners to enjoy an outdoor experience no matter what the weather has to offer.
Just past the terrace the pool presents a refreshing moment with its sparkling aqua blue interior.
With beautiful interior zones, creative architectural details on the outside, a large terrace, stunning pool and a large grassy backyard, Jare house by Architekt Tadeusz Lemanski offers the best of both indoor and outdoor lifestyles.
Architekt Tadeusz Lemanski
Photography by Tomasz Aakrzewski


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