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Modern Modular Sofa with Removable Cover by Zanotta

Zanotta of Italy has done it again with this modern sectional sofa – isn’t it a dream? The Bruce modular sofa, designed by Ludovica and Robert Palomba for Zanotta is available with a removable cover in leather or fabric. We choose the leather cover! Doesn’t it look like you could just sink down into it? The cushions are all “double” and the back and arm rest cushions are 100% goose feather stuffed. And it’s a wide sofa seat – it would be great to take an afternoon nap on this one. The leather looks so supple and soft. And there are a range of different modular pieces to choose from. Just mix and match the shapes to fit any room – family room, library, den, office – you’re limited only by the number of rooms in your house! And no matter which room you choose, this sofa will call you to come and sit awhile.

More information: Zanotta


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