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Modern Mirror from APF Munn – Gaucho Mirror

apf munn mirror gaucho Modern Mirror from APF Munn   Gaucho Mirror
The Gaucho Mirror is a modern mirror from APF Munn with a lively disposition. Its eye-catching pony-skin pattern is highly unusual – this fun mirror can add a touch of spirited personality to any room. The swirling, chunky metal flourishes on each of the four corners also bring a touch of glamour to the funky design. The company APF Munn prides itself on 50 years of expert frame making experience. They create the finest, handcrafted, custom picture and mirror frames for the likes of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, The Smithsonian Institute and The White House Collection. If you believe practical elements can in themselves be works of art, the Gaucho Mirror from APF Munn is for you.



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