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Best Modern Landscape Ideas For 2019

As much as we all love sitting in a cozy living room, and/or watching a good movie in bed; however, once the weather becomes nice your backyard is the ultimate relaxation sanctuary. Contrary to popular beliefs, your backyard can be just as designed and put together like the inside of your home. The key is working with a plan and knowing what trends will work best for your specific room- if you’re clueless on how to achieve this we are here to help! We have put together a guide on modern landscape ideas that are taking over 2019.

Focus Heavy on the Landscape

Keeping your landscape trimmed and put together is the best way to go when you have a large display. Consider it one of the best ways to have your backyard perfectly trimmed.

Here’s the deal, before we go any further, with what is trendy we must talk about the main elephant in the room- your landscape. Whether you do it yourself or you hire someone to do it, your landscape needs to be in tip-top shape if you truly want to create a relaxing oasis. Instead of saturating your outdoor space with furniture, focus on having beautiful greenery that enhances what you already have on display. Consider adding colorful flowers to complete the look in an overall manner.

Inground Pool

When designing your inground pool you want to consider the structure of your backyard. Doing so will allow you to have a pool that fits your space properly.

What would a summer day be without taking a swim? There is nothing quite as engaging and fun as having your very own pool to swim in at any time of day and night you select to do so. Surround your pool with floral bits in multiple colors, string lights and even a lounge area to complete your relaxing oasis that feels almost as if you are on vacation every single day.

Upgrade Your Seating

Your seating could be as unique as you are, do not be afraid of changing your decor in an overall manner to suit your favorite seating.

One of the perks of having your own outdoor space is you are allowed to decorate and redecorate your space as often as you choose to do so. Consider a hammock or a swing sofa like one of those items you must have in order to bring a modern touch right where you need it. Furthermore, there will be an added element that feels refreshing and modern while still having fun.

Water Feature

Whether your water feature or small you want to have a little something that makes that water feature feel just a bit more personal and relaxing

A trend that is truly coming in strong for landscape décor is water features- the more extravagant the better. Water features are here to stay! Whether they’re coming out of your pool or part of your entire outdoor display. Not only do they add a natural feel to the space, but they are extremely relaxing while being a focal point that brings the room in an overall manner.

Create a Personal Space

Sometimes you don’t just want this tiny space that makes sense in your backyard, sometimes you want a singular space that feels grand yet away from your decor and a bit more personal.

Your personal space doesn’t exactly need to be the focus of the room, but it should be a special area that makes you feel as if your backyard is everything you want it to be. The key is combining subtle garden features and adding comfortable décor. Doing so will allow the space to feel put together and unique yet personal to you and your character.

Grill it

If you aren’t keen on grilling often, go as minimal as possible. Doing so allows you to keep your grill at bay.

Grilling is one of the perks of warmer weather, so adding a grill to your backyard space is an excellent idea. You want to place it under a pavilion if you happen to have one. The idea is to have your grill as one of the main focuses of your landscape area. Consider it one of the best fun additions to your outdoor space.

Include the Kids

A simple DIY tree house can do wonders for your backyard due to how well it can incorporate your children into how your backyard is displayed.

If you have children, and your backyard opens to a forest why not add a tree house? A tree house can make a huge difference in how your children and even you feel about your backyard landscape. Whether you want to build an entire tree house or simply want to have a tree focused area, you want your décor to speak for itself in a minimalistic manner.

Build an Outdoor Bar

Add chic stools, string lights and even surrounding light fixtures to make the space feel put together yet have that fun vibe to it.

Who says you can only have an indoor bar? Outdoor bars are just as fun if not more, they add an additional source of entertainment for all those involved. Choose a bar that will enhance your décor while still giving you a welcoming feel in an overall manner. Pair with lighting to brighten the area even during the evening hours. Furthermore, add stools to encourage a more intimate sitting feel to the room.

Outdoor Clubhouse

When it comes to a clubhouse for your backyard, you want to add everything you can into it, while still being slick and rational to the space.

If you want to give your outside a bit of luxury, an outdoor clubhouse is an ultimate way of doing so. Not only will it give you a space to relax in, but it will bring you back to your vacation in the Caribbean’s when you had a cabana boy serve you and make you feel special. The key is having an area that feels resort-like yet cozy and comfortable.


A bold firepit can make a huge difference in how your decor is displayed in an overall manner.

Bring some fun to your backyard with a firepit. A firepit is a great way of relaxing your outdoor space without taking away from what you already have. It’s an additional form of bringing a cozy appeal right where you want and need it. Furthermore, it gives you and your guests a place to relax even during the darkest months.

How do you decorate your landscape? Share with us below.


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