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Modern Floor Standing Mirrors on Legs in Oak

Where will you use your ‘Hans’ series mirror? Will you choose short-legged or long legged? The full length reflection makes it perfect for a bedroom or walk-in closet but that would be hiding a treasure. You could use it anywhere – a stair landing, for example. Anywhere there’s somewhere to lean it against – and preferably where lots of people can see it! Teal gray legs and platform highlight the natural oak of the frame. The Hans Mirror line is designed by J&J Studios, a unique collective of top designers. And in this state of the art London studio, “craft and design are equal partners”. Collaboration is the key at J&J and their commitment to fresh and innovative products is evident in the Hans series. There will be no hesitation when asked, “Mirror, mirror, of them all, who’s the fairest on the wall?”

Hans Series Long-Legged Mirror from J&J Studios.
Hans Series Short-Legged Mirror – made to lean.
More information: Joined and Jointed


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