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Modern Aluminum LED Ceiling Lamp

Grass Lamp is a modern ceiling lamp that combines technology and poesy. It looks like an upside down square patch of grass illuminated by a multitude of light bugs. The weeds are represented by 36 anodized aluminum tubes with LED lights at the lower end. These tubes are slightly bent in various directions as if a light breeze was blowing through. Still in the concept stage, this poetic lamp will be released by Hungarian designers and manufacturers Codolagni in 2014. The base of the lamp is a square of 60 by 60 cm, and the tubes are 25 cm long. This geometric yet organic shape allows for endless compositions, and addresses residential and office or public environments alike. The lamps could look great if lined up above a dining table or a desk. Or just try to imagine a larger patch of Grass lamps in a lobby or reception area, like a small secret garden growing right down from the ceiling. Looking forward for the release of this original lamp!



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