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Modern U-Shaped California Home with Central Patio

This modern California house is exactly how one would imagine a cool California house to look like! Low pavilion like geometry with rectangular shapes, flat roof, many glass surfaces and generous outdoors living spaces. As the climate allows for year-round outdoor living, the indoor spaces are built in U shape around a patio. This courtyard becomes the center and many activities are organized around it. The kitchen and indoors dining area basically open up on the courtyard thanks to a smart system of full height glass doors that slide in the walls to the left and to the right. The floor in large concrete tiles is at the same level indoors and outdoors, so when the doors are open the two spaces become one. The indoors living room faces a wall covered in custom stainless steel panels that integrates a fireplace and a large flat screen. The light flows freely through this space that has full height glass surfaces on both sides. The courtyard has a decently sized rectangular pool bordered by the same concrete tiles as the inside, and gravel on one side. A few wooden stairs lead to an outdoor lounge, with comfortable couches in the same shade of purple like the deck beds. The lounge is nested in a niche whose back wall is covered floor to ceiling in horizontal wooden planks.

A stage-like wooden deck offers the perfect spot for sunbathing, on king-size purple deck beds.
From behind the kitchen counter one has o panoramic view of the whole courtyard.
The light flows freely through this space that has full height glass surfaces on both sides.
The built-in kitchen block and super long island are from Boffi.
In the same open space as the kitchen and living room, there is a second large dining table partially hidden about half height partition wall. The table is flanked on one side by a monumental rectangular full height fireplace covered with stainless steel panels. A big pendant lamp made of a multitude of different height drop lamps hangs above the dining table for a spectacular effect.
The bathrooms have clean geometrical lines, with materials such as stone, glass and wood. There is a beautiful view on the outside vegetation from the freestanding stone tub.
Dumican Mosey / Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders


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