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Mirror Radiator with digital clock – the One from Tubor

A futuristic radiator, the One combines several simple items into one defining unit. Ideal for the entrance or bedroom, the One is a visual delight. The large mirror surface opens up the room while providing that last check as you run out the door. In the morning as you prepare for your day, the inset digital clock helps keep you running on time. The large monolithic block is back lit, providing a hazy halo of coloured light. The light creates an almost floating effect reminiscent of the black monoliths in Kubrick & Clark’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Behind the stainless steel facade hides either an electric or water radiator. Designed by No Picnic, The One blends multiple functions into one seamless unit, and takes up half the space. The mirror radiator is available in two sizes, and with various coloured lights. As the focal point of an entrance, the One will help keep you organised and on track. Tubor.


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