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Minimalist Bathroom Fixtures Collection by Ex.t

Here’s a unique minimalist approach to bathroom fixtures design – the 2015 bathroom collection by Ex.t called Stand. Designed in collaboration with the Danish studio Norm Architects, it includes a tub, a sink and a shelf. The extremely minimal cast iron frame has very little presence but serves as strong support. It helps to highlight the modern forms of the sink and bathtub that are also very minimal. The exposed p-traps fit perfectly with overall design. The wall-mount storage shelf is made of a similar wire-like structure and has minimal presence as well. What unites all of the fixture designs in this collection is their simplistic geometry: ovals, circles and squares. According to creators, the design is “stripped of its decorative excesses to get to the point where there is nothing more to add nor to take away to make the product better”. Pretty clever idea actually. This collection would be my ideal choice if I wanted to give the most exposure to the tile or natural stone on the walls and floor. You can complete your bathroom interior with these cool pendant lights and you can also mix and match with other black and white bathroom fixtures by Ex.t. One thing is for sure – a plumber won’t have any access issues when installing these fixtures.
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