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Minimalist Staircase: 3 Unique Stair Designs in One House

This house boasts three amazing minimalist staircases, each with a unique stair design. We must share them with you. The loft itself is stunning and the stairs really fit right in, while providing an architectural interest in the space. No banisters, no skirt, just steps that seem to float in thin air. We love the change in direction of the solid black steps (aided by the platform) and how the shape of the staircase affects the room. Observe how much visual space has been gained with this design. The white staircase in the living room also has this effect, and maybe even more so because the risers are open. It is a super sleek staircase and its white color helps it blend in but its shape keeps it hip. Finally, stripped of almost all parts, but with the addition of a discreet handrail, the stairs near the kitchen make an elegant, minimal statement and are the “floaty-est” of them all. This loft, designed by Roberto Murgia, provides plenty of inspiration for minimalist modern staircases. Photo credit: Francesco Jodice
via Plastolux.



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