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Secret Doors and Unusual Interiors Define this Seafront House

This minimalist seafront house designed by Italian firm Fabio Fantolino is what the laid-back waterfront life is all about. This inconspicuous exterior artfully conceals ultra-modern, bright white indoors, but for a long view through a large glazed wall. Inside, natural and artificial light play on the textured walls, adding interest to the minimalist interiors. On the other side of the glass, an alfresco patio gets wafts of salty air drifting off the water. See seaside architecture and style at its best!

minimalist seafront house with textured interior walls 1 thumb 630xauto 44061 Secret Doors and Unusual Interiors Define this Seafront House

minimalist seafront house with textured interior walls 2 thumb 630xauto 44063 Secret Doors and Unusual Interiors Define this Seafront House

The exterior echoes the interior’s coolness, its contemporary lines and palette a stark contrast to the lush, earthy surroundings.


The living area boasts white walls, ceiling, floor and furniture. The textured walls and a variety of materials bring interest to the monochromatic space. Pops of heavily grained natural wood add instant warmth.


The living room’s large windows invite natural light and views of its alfresco counterpart.


We love the integrated wood table, offering a casual seat with a great view.


The kitchen is small but sweet, and most importantly, functional! Walls of storage cabinets are concealed behind minimalist white doors. A cool white countertop abuts a natural stone backsplash.


Modern pocket doors disappear into the walls, creating an open flow on demand.


The walls here take on a totally different texture, with integrated picture windows for cherished family and moments.


Open sesame – a secret door!


This bedroom features an amazing mirrored feature wall behind the bed, doubling the natural light and scenery through the massive window.


The bathroom is visually open to the bedroom and beyond it, the outdoors.


The rainshower is a wonderfully luxe everyday necessity.


Stunning dark stone makes is somber and sophisticated.


Evenings in this warmly lit home are cozy and relaxing. Imagine sitting here, the glass open to the outdoors, the cool breeze blowing in and the sound of waves lapping the shore. Though subtle, the lighting really highlights the textures and architectural features of the walls and exposed brick.


In this house, the art is built right in! When you’ve got features and finished like these, who needs a painting?! Here, the home speaks for itself.


The integrated dining table with textured wall are a central focal point in this living space. Through a peek-a-boo window, the kitchen is partially open to the rest of the living area.


This outdoor dining area has an indoor aesthetic, with a wood dining table set atop a circular wood floor, and a light hanging overhead.


Fabio Fantolino



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