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Miele Coffee System CVA2660 / CVA2650 – capsule coffee maker to install anywhere

Miele that, in 1999, designed the world’s first built-in coffee system that uses whole beans… now introduces the CVA2000 series, the world’s first built-in capsule coffee systems that use blends of Nespresso. The CVA2660 model is for built-in installations and the CVA2650 is a free-standing. Here we highlight some of the very distinct features of Miele these new systems:
– installs anywhere – no water supply connection is required
– comes with a capsule carousel that holds 20 Nespresso capsules
– available in black glass or stainless steel finish
– available in two dimensions, 50mm (CVA2650) and 60mm (CVA2660)
– a stainless steel system drawer with a push/pull locking mechanism is optional with the CVA2660 – store your Nespresso capsules, cups, spoons, etc.
– in addition, the CVA2660 system can be housed in the Miele Coffee Cart – so you can move it around the house.
See Miele for more details.

Miele Coffee System can be installed anywhere, even in the cart:


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