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Mega Modern LEED Certified Barn Style House on 160-Acres

The Hupomone Ranch is located in the Chileno Valley, 3 miles outside of Petaluma, California. The ranch had not been cultivated for 30 years and the young family that now owns it wanted to create a lifestyle for themselves and their 3 children that would be sustainable, both within their residence and across their 160-acre ranch. To create a home that reflected this they asked Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects to create a modern eco-friendly barn style structure with the same sense of serenity that was found in the surrounding landscape.

The site has a strong sense of balance and rhythm that the architects wanted to carry through into the interior of the new structure. They did this by cladding large expanses of the facade in glazings that would expose the interior to the long views of the distant coastal range, as well as the up close vistas of the ranch itself.
The entry of the home is fitted with two large barn style doors that slide open and out of the way, creating a clear passage through the home and out the back via 4ft sliding glass doors.
The glass sliders at the back of the home are positioned directly in front of the living room while a centrally located flight of stairs behind the living room leads up to a mezzanine area at the front of the home.
The warm wood tones juxtaposed against cool shades of grey continue the modern aesthetic of the home, as do the pops of bright yellow accents. Punctuating this aesthetic is the over-scale black and white photograph and the abstract floor to ceiling sculpture.

The living room is at one end of the social zone with the kitchen at the other end. The dining area is in-between, where a second set of sliding glass doors connects the indoors to the terrace outside.
The kitchen has left the warm wood shades behind in favor of a crisp clean white – except for a few small pops within the seats of the bar stools. Although the presence of white is everywhere, the colors of the landscape keep the room from feeling stark and naked.
The social zone is a two-story volume that is flanked on either side by one-story bedrooms – the master suite on one side and the children’s bedrooms on the other.
There is also a bathroom on each side – one for the children and guests and a private bathroom within the master suite.
A short distance away just beyond a grassy backyard is where the family pool and pool house are located.
The pool area is designed with a family of five in mind – plenty of space to swim, sit, play or even prepare a small meal under the shelter of the pool house. The outdoor kitchen features the same all white scheme as the indoor kitchen, and while it may not have as much storage and prep space – it is still large with approximately nine feet of upper and lower cabinets.
The pool house kitchen is completely protected by the extended roof line of the structure and is kept brightly lit late into the day by the recessed lights in the terrace ceiling.
Hupomone Ranch is certified LEED Platinum and incorporates many energy saving techniques such as the passive heating and cooling system that uses thermal mass and insulation. There is also Geothermal and radiant cooling and heating – as well as solar and photovoltaic panels positioned on both sides of the social zones gabled roof line. All these factors mean Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects have exceeded the LEED efficiency standards in California by more than 50% for this home.
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