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Meditation Space – Fire Features Design Inspirations by Elena Colombo

Every home needs a place for quiet meditation, and the breathtaking Fire Features design inspirations by Elena Colombo create an atmosphere to completely unwind in. Marvel at the beauty of natural elements – fire, wood, metal, stone, air, earth and water combine in all their glory. All fire features are designed by landscape artist and sculptor Elena Colombo (of the Brooklyn based Colombo Construction Corp.); who states that the pieces are in answer to the primal need for warmth. Pictured here are four of Elena’s vivid, uplifting designs. The first shown here celebrates water: Fire Spill has a cantilevered copper or corten steel channel with a stunning waterfall and gas-fed firewall. The pyramid-like Charles Doig Memorial is in the Earth collection. The extensive Fire collection brings us the memorable Tree Wall which is an in-ground corten steel fire arc with acid etched tree, along with the in-ground Branch Wall. Find your perfect meditation muse amongst Colombo Construction Corp.’s extensive collection which range in price from USD $4,000 to $95,000… or design your own custom piece to last you a lifetime.


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