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Secrets To Maximizing Your Small Living Area

Whether you live in a studio apartment or in a beautiful large home finding space to keep all your stuff is always a hassle. Even when you think you have found space, somehow the room ends up not being large enough for all of your necessities. This tends to be particularly true for those that have a small living space. The good news is there are a few things you can do to maximize your space and make the most of it. Here are a few decorating secrets to keep in mind.

Cozy it Up

Cozying up a room may seem easy, but in all actuality, many homeowners become a bit overwhelmed due to adding a little bit too much decor. You want to add that cozy feel without overcrowding the space. Add signature elements such as throw pillows and blankets.

When most of us think of the word “cozy” we might think of colder seasons, and even cramped up spaces. However, in this case, the idea is to maintain a cozy feel without adding too many elements to the room. Keep it cozy by having your seating placed closely together adding a rug, and having a few throw pillows that compliment the room.

Hammock Seating

Even if you have a large sectional, adding a hammock chair is the perfect additional seating. You can decorate around it to make it feel even cozier and put together. Consider adding a rug or even a plant for a welcoming feel.

Hammock chairs have become quite trendy this season and even the last. We love the idea of using a hammock chair due to it allowing you to have extra seating anywhere you need it, without taking up floor space a traditional chair would.


Even in the smallest room, you want to have a brightening effect. Having that classic white hue displayed through the room will not only brighten the room but it will immediately make it feel larger.

White is the ultimate brightening color. Keep your floors and walls white for a brightening effect that flows throughout. You can add other hues as part of your furniture; however, your main elements you want to keep them bright.

Shrink your Dining Table

Just because a table is round does not mean it has to be too small. Consider having a larger round table that can sit all of your guests comfortably. Pair with cushioned chairs to give your roundtable an elegant upscale feel.

While most of us dream of having a grand dining table with multiple chairs, if you have a smaller area you want to replace your dining table for a round one instead. Roundtables aren’t only for breakfast nooks they can make the perfect dining table without taking much space.

Mount your TV

Depending on where your fireplace is situated you might want to consider placing your TV on top of it for an expanding feel. Having that expanding feel will instantly make the room feel larger and more welcoming. 

TV consoles tend to take up a light of space, especially if they are large and bulky. Opt for the idea of mounting your TV on the wall or above your fireplace. This allows you to continue to have as much flooring as possible while still having your necessary furniture bits.

Think about Ottomans

The key to having an ottoman instead of a coffee table is matching your ottoman to your couch. Doing so creates a cohesive look that expands the room in a seamless manner. Better yet, add a twist of color with throw pillows in a richer hue. 

Instead of having a large coffee table, add in ottomans. Ottomans are great to have in a home because they double up as seating. Not only can you use them to place your coffee, décor, and/or both but you can use them as extra seating when you have a few guests over.

Two is Better than One

They say two is better than one, in this case, that is very true. Having two ottoman’s means you can have one as a coffee table and another as a seating area or one as a coffee table and the other as a side table. The options are truly endless.

Yet again we bring you a versatile option for your coffee table. You want to create a natural flow in the living room without taking up much space; therefore, consider having two small tables instead of a large big one. Having two small tables allows you to place them where ever you would like without having to think twice about it.

Trick your Eyes

The last place you may think about placing mirrors is your kitchen; however, if you have a smaller space it could be quite beneficial. Have an entire mirrored wall to provide the ultimate level of reflection that brightens the are and brings it all together.

This is not only our favorite decorating secret, but it’s the oldest one as well- trick your eyes in thinking the space is larger by adding mirrors. Mirrors are excellent at helping a room feel instantly larger and even more put together.

Play with Dramatic Colors

Who doesn’t love dark walls? Dark walls are a beautiful addition to any space. Particularly when it is paired with lighter hues and patterns that blend well together. Contemplate having your darker walls become the highlight of the room.

While white walls is always a good idea, including a dramatic color as part of your walls is also a great idea. The boldness of the color will bring direct focus to it, helping you expand the room. Keep the space simple and ensure you have neutral bits throughout to give the room the beautiful expanding effect it deserves.

Don’t Forget your Lighting

Make a statement with a big chandelier and pair it with smaller light fixtures that help bring a welcoming yet open feeling to the room. Use a chandelier that makes the room come back to life in the most simplest manner. 

Lighting is extremely important in a home no matter how big or small the space is. The idea is to have enough lights in a room that it instantly brightens the space as soon as the lights are turned on. You want to have one main light such as a chandelier for a beautiful all-over brightening effect, and then you want to have a few smaller wall lights or even tiny ceiling lights.

Do you have a smaller living space and have figured out how to make it feel larger? If so, please share with us how you decorate your home and which of these secrets you want to begin decorating with.


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