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Mansard Den with Bonfire-inspired Fireplace

As autumn sets in, the timing is certainly right for this warm, cozy attic interior designed by Moscow firm, Ruetemple. This earthy, woody space occupies the mansard floor of a three-storey house, which was previously used as a dumping ground for “stuff” and as a throughway for the better-used, better-loved areas of the home. The Russian architecture firm transformed it into a comfy-cozy, kid-free zone where the homeowners could relax and enjoy a calmer, quieter pace of daily life. To create this much-needed retreat, separation was key – and simple physical separation wouldn’t cut it. This room took on a totally different aesthetic, with walls removed and wood-slat partitions, an open vaulted ceiling with exposed joists, and a central bonfire-inspired fireplace enclosed in glass, easily enjoyed form every corner in this space.

The angled walls host large skylights/windows that flood the space with bright, natural light.
Tucked beneath the windows, a long, narrow built-in desk provides an unobtrusive, inspiring work area and doubles as a countertop for casual dining and java-drinking while taking in the view.
In place of traditional walls, the architects opted for slatted structures that let light and views filter through while providing a display area for curious and collections.
Beams of light seem to instinctively point at the focus of the room – a den, deliciously concealed and inviting you to indulge in some peace and quiet.
The slatted walls provide privacy and openness at the same time. Some favorite reading is thoughtfully tucked into the shelf-style enclosure.
The focal point of this secret space is the central fireplace boasting a bold, black form suspended from the ceiling. The cylindrical firebox in wrapped in glass, allowing a 360-degree view for the firebugs drawn to the flame.
This fireplace nook gets its cozy factor courtesy of its heavy wood frame, which wraps around built-in cushioned seating encircling the central fireplace. Very bonfire-esque!
By night, candles are artfully arranged in the enclosure, creating illuminated walls that cast shadow and light on all the intriguing architectural elements incorporated into this space.
S’mores anyone?


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