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15 Basement Bar Designs To Finish Off That Man Cave

Transforming the basement into something a bit more cozy and fun for the boys is a nice sentiment, but if all you’ve got is a couch down there, you’re just not doing the space or your beau justice. Why not add a bar to round it out? Below, you’ll be able to sift through 15 basement bar designs that will finish off that man cave quite nicely. Grab some ideas now!

Homedit has a lot of great inspiration concerning basement bar ideas and this is one of the simplest. It can easily be DIYed without too much fuss and then personalized with accessories. It’s a great spot for transforming first and then entertaining with second.

Here’s a more traditional meets contemporary space we found at Decoist. The acrylic and metal chairs really bring in a modern flair that’s attractive and smart. Of course the addition of the pool table turns up the fun as well.

Here’s another simple design that we found while perusing Pinterest. A small bar, a DIYed backsplash and a bit of farmhouse flair brings this corner to life. It’s functional, accessible, and there’s still room for personalization.

HGTV had us falling in love with this gorgeous basement bar area We love the textural accent wall and the farmhouse – yet trendy – quality of the entire corner. The open shelving and even the addition of the popcorn machine is so homey and nice!

Pinterest gave us a trove of inspiration to choose from and we quickly snatched this beauty. The combination of materials here is so nice and the mix of natural textures and contemporary flair was just the right kind of blend to set off our interior design-loving hearts.

Architecture Art Designs had more traditional and sleek designs up their sleeve. This alcove has everything you could one in an entertainment piece. And the solid, chunky build creates a grandiose theme.

For those that like more futuristic and modern looks, try this one on for size. Arch Daily really gave us a lot to think about within this space. Create the trendiest bar scene around right inside your very own basement by using this space as inspiration.

We’ve got another chic finish over at Finished Basement. There’s tons of contemporary storage ideas here and the overall feel is very posh and straight-edge. But because of the wooden accents, there’s a homey quality as well, offering the perfect balance.

Luxe featured this barrel sink that we know will have everyone falling in love. This cozy nook is the perfect addition to a cabin-inspired home with the extra room to spare.

For those looking for lighter options, check out this space from HGTV. The exposed, light brick wall and white island, you get a more feminine feeling – because who says the basement bars are only for the men of the house? Don’t miss out on those nifty wall baskets either.

Style Blueprint gives us, yet another, fabulous basement bar to gather inspiration from and there’s something sweetly southern and oh-so-textural that is truly giving us life. The stone walls, the leather, the fabric, the browns and grays coming together to create a neutral family of sorts; it’s a beautiful combination of warm accents.

This bar may not be situated in the actual basement but it’s a simple design that you can grab some ideas from. We love the bar height of this piece and the marble countertop isn’t bad either. Find more like this by visiting Decor Pad.

This one from Trend Hunter is quite swoon-worthy too. And there’s so much DIY inspiration you can get out of it. Just look at the pallet bar/island that you could draw up and design to make your own. Add some metal for a mixed-material, industrial vibe.

Here’s another find from Homedit that we pulled. We love the rounded bar and the “sports bar” styling that surrounds the space. In particular though, we admire the “arcade” that compliments the area so nicely.

Finely, if you hop on over to Architecture Art Designs, you’ll find some other simple and smaller ideas that could work for you home. Just check out this sweet, chic basement bar. It’s not too big, fits in most homes and you can easily personalize it as well.


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