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Majestic Gemstone – luxurious and artistic decor

[KBIS 2006 Reviews]
Another exciting find from KBIS… Majestic Gemstone company specializes in manufacturing of exotic solid surfaces made of inlaid semi-precious stones and fossils. We’ve written about the semi-precious stone on several occasions before… but Majestic Gemstone took this stone application to perfection – their beautiful tables, mirrors, sink pedestals and just countertops, all meticulously crafted out of materials that are traditionally used in the jewelry industry, will create an unforgettable impression in any surroundings. To achieve a final ‘majestic’ touch, these translucent stones can be combined with under surface lighting. Located in Israel, the company produces rich, original, and everlasting home design applications that don’t scratch, stain, are heat resistant and non-oil absorbent. Majestic Gemstone


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