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15 Magical Pocket Doors For Your Small Space

Pocket doors are the perfect addition to homes that don’t have a lot of extra space and want an extra bit of whimsy built right into its foundation. With a sliding frame and a “disappearing” effect when its completely closed, when you don’t have the room for a swinging hinge then you go with this magical design. Check out these 15 pocket door perfect for your smaller home and let us know what you think!

The Contemporist starts off our pocket door journey with this contemporary design. It’s chic and has a bit of an industrial vibe with its distressed metal. It’s a beautiful divider between a master bedroom and bathroom – keeping with the lightness and modern quality of the space.

A personal favorite of the bunch, these glass, window-paned designs from Walking on Wood are gorgeous. They keep with the open design of this modern home but they add division and aesthetic to it as well. This is a great option for studio spaces when you want to section off a formal dining room from the kitchen and living room.

You can even create chic, pocket doors for closets. These are especially nice when your bedroom doesn’t provide enough space for the swinging hinges of traditional doors. Take this white, simple design from Cose di Casa for example, contemporary and subtle!

Even though the door essentially “disappears” once it’s completely closed – when fitting into the “pocket” – you can still tell it’s there depending on the style or route you take. Take this wooden piece that we’ve already gushed about on Trendir before, for example. We love the contrast between the wood grain and the white walls.

Check out this sliding pocket door from Remodelaholic! This is another great example of how these pieces work well in spaces that don’t have a lot of openness. Use this to provide privacy to a bedroom’s bathroom instead of adding a swinging door that takes up to much space.

One of the most simple of designs on the list was found on Pinterest. If you’re more of a minimalist, then this “hidden” pocket door will be right up your alley. It’s clean, it’s chic and provides a true, no-fuss finish.

Check out these stunning home office doors we found over at Decoist. You can even go with a double pocket door design and go with a sturdier, more grandiose vision like you see here in this masculine, escape. With the rich hardware and wooden foundation, there’s definitely a more luxurious feel here.

Fox Hollow Cottage provided us with a beautiful, vintage-inspired design option that we love. Delicate hardware and textured doors, it’s a lovely way to section off dining rooms or formal sitting areas. You could even paint these in pastels for an extra bout of personality and charm.

Here’s another wooden, textured design that we’re loving from Interiors by Studio M. It’s a great addition to a kitchen that combines both farmhouse qualities with contemporary style. And pocket doors are great ways to divide kitchens and sun rooms – just like you see here.

Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival showcased another vintage-inspired treat and this time it includes stained glass panes. These fit well inside older homes with taller ceilings. Whether it’s your home office or library, there’s something very “Beauty and the Beast” in spirit about this design.

Of course, you could always take a YouTube tour and be inspired by this traditional, family-style home. It’s those office doors that delight us here though. Windowed but with enough function to give privacy, it’s a gorgeous addition to a room that feeds off of natural light and openness.

We’re swooning for this orange-dipped pocket door found over at House of Turquoise. It can easily be hidden away but it provides the right pop of color when it comes out to play. These bright tones are great for playrooms, home offices or even bathrooms!

A high-gloss design works well for more modern homes as well. This find from Pinterest was perfect enough to be featured not only because of its great example of what a pocket door is exactly but it shows how easy it is to add to a bathroom/bedroom combination and nix the bulk of traditional doors.

Here’s another simple, white design that we’re loving. This time brought to us by Fancy Decors, we see it playing a role in a romantic, vintage-inspired space full of creamy whites and textures. There’s something quite elegant about this particular door addition as well.

And, finally, we leave you off with another double door idea found on Doorway. For larger entryways, go with two pocket doors that meet in the middle. This particular design is chic and modern for our contemporary-style lovers.




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