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Luxury Shower from Ravak – Whitewater steam shower

Enjoy the indulgence of the Whitewater steam shower in your bathroom – a luxury shower from Ravak. A welcoming and roomy shower enclosure, there is space for you (and a friend, should you so desire) to stretch out and really relish the Whitewater’s atmosphere. With an outer shell constructed entirely of glass, the shower enclosure appears open and uncluttered, and even a little futuristic. All new construction ideas predominate: the aluminium columns are within the cubicle, and the door and screen hinges have been designed specially for the shower. These details gives a sense of reliable sturdiness. The Whitewater is an electronic steam shower equipped with water-resistant lights – all controlled by a neat and handy touchscreen. Let the luxury shower Whitewater from Ravak enhance your daily routine.
via BornRich



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