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Luxury Faucets by Giampieri – Swarovski Strass Crystal faucets

Luxury faucets from Giampieri will create an attractive and elegant statement that ensures your bathroom is as glamorous as you are. Seven fabulous styles by Italian designer Mario Giampieri – Malibu, Beverly Hills (shown below), Cannes (shown above), Monte Carlo, Miami, Venice and Yalta – are accented with Strass Swarovski Crystal for high-end market. Just like custom made jewelry these luxury faucets are made entirely by hand. After all, you will use these modern faucets everyday, so why not enjoy their stunning looks each time? The addition of Swarovski Strass Crystal means that the faucets are no longer simply functional: they are an expression of your personality. The glittering crystals set into the handles are balanced by the uncluttered simplicity of the spout – a modern, smooth look. The flat-edged faucet shows uncompromising contemporary starkness to complement the overall deluxe look. Luxury faucets from Giampieri Rubinetterie will transcend trends and accent your home with their shine and sparkle.



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