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Custom Closet System by Team 7 – walk-in Wardrobe for high-end homes

Team 7 Custom Closet System
This amazing Custom Closet System is designed by Team 7 to put you right in the centre of things. If looking great is your priority, it certainly helps to be able to see all your clothes, and everything you need to dress with flair, all at once. This contemporary custom closet system allows just that. It’s amazing how much precious time can be lost searching for the perfect accessory to compliment your attire. With this incredible, high-end system, that would certainly be a thing of the past. The closet is not only functional though – this natural wood system is a thing to behold. Smooth, snag-free surfaces and divided drawers with thoughtful clear panels (allowing you to see a drawer’s contents before you open it) are just some of the major features of the closet. Streamline your dressing ritual with the custom closet by Team 7.
Team 7 green, non-toxic furniture is distributed by Batinau Design Group and is available in showrooms nationwide. For product inquiries, please, contact info@batinau.com.
Walk-in Wardrobe shelves
Team 7 custom closet shelves

Walk-in Wardrobe drawers


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