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Luxury Bath Vanities by Cima: French boudoir with no boundaries

A French boudoir with no boundaries, the luxury bath vanities entitled ‘Dream’ from Cima are for those who relish opulent Hollywood glamour with a traditional touch. Evocative of Baroque and Byzantine styles, these ornate vanities are sure to add a splash of splendour to your bathroom furnishings. If you enjoy the indulgent ritual of pampering yourself, you cannot fail to appreciate the references of Mediterranean symbols on the ‘Dream’ series vessels. Three different sinks are presented: one square, one rectangular, and one rounded – each boasting its own characteristics whilst retaining the common flair for fashion. The finishes are distinct and truly touchable – a raised classical pattern embellishes each side of the sinks. Whether you choose a white or a black ceramic pottery finish, or a golden tecnoril finish, you can finish the look with a Baroque tap incorporating a small handy shelf with a 24k gold trim, or a smart brushed steel finish. Drift away with the ‘Dream’ bath vanities from Cima.



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