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Wireless Waterproof TV from Luxurite – a Mirror TV as well

Luxurite Wireless 17″ Waterproof TV is a really dream come true. Designed for ultimate relaxation, it can be used in bath, spa, sauna, swimming pool and even in outdoors. Installation is easy: all you need to do is just to hang the TV up, connect all your Audio & Video devices to the wireless transmitter that comes with the TV, turn them on and enjoy the wireless bathroom Television. Luxurite Wireless Waterproof TV can also be recessed in the wall or mounted on a frame/stand. It is HD ready, comes with a Mirror Screen option (when switched off), built-in speakers, stylish induction touch control panel and waterproof remote control. Luxurite
Buy it for UK £1,999 (or 4,161 US$).
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