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Low Impact – No Waste Swedish House Built Using Sustainable Wood lots

low impact no waste swedish house built sustainable wood lots 1 facade thumb 630x464 22878 Low Impact   No Waste Swedish House Built Using Sustainable Wood lots

Located in Stockholm, Sweden the Low Impact No Waste home was designed by Schlyter / Gezelius Arkitektkontor as a home that respects both the land it nestles in and the land the harvested trees that supplied the wood came from. To continue the minimal footprint theme of this home, a local contractor was used to oversee the project and a local carpentry shop was employed to mill all the wood used throughout the home. Every piece of wood was designed specifically for the location it would be used in to avoid as much waste material as possible. A variety of woods where used in the construction of the Low Impact No Waste home and every one of those woods came from a sustainable-forested woodlot. The back wall of the home was fitted with a large expanse of doors that fold together and out of the way. This allows the interior space to be flooded with natural light during the day and also doubles the living space when the weather permits via the large deck.

low impact no waste swedish house built sustainable wood lots 2 site thumb 630x479 22880 Low Impact   No Waste Swedish House Built Using Sustainable Wood lots

The view from the windows is of a large grassed and treed area. Gravel paths meander around the home and through the trees, allowing rainwater to seep through the paths while at the same time offering a dry place to walk.


The gravel paths take advantage of the flat land on the left side of the home as the right side is a drop off from the boulders that the home sits on.


The boulders act as a platform for the home to perch on. Sitting on top of the boulders with the large deck extending out and over them offers a unique vantage point for the homeowners to enjoy the forested view.


This side of the home is designed to lean over the edge. This reverse angle to the home creates an interesting silhouette as well as a natural direction for rainwater to travel.


The home is designed to be efficient in its floor plan and therefore does not take up much room on the site it resides on.


Although the footprint of the home is small, the living space is spacious and light. A small table doubles as dining and living with the use of ergonomically comfortable chairs that can adjust for eating and relaxing. The stairwell in the distance takes advantage of the carpentry skills in the local shop to create a flight of stairs that takes little room but is visually impactful none the less.


Each tread is cantilevered and tapered to create an interesting graphic that is both geometrical and organic.


The upper level offers a loft that is both modern and minimalist. Hardwood plank flooring and white walls with white window trim. That’s it and that’s all that’s needed – with the exception of furniture.


The main level of the home opens up to the deck with living area. Behind the living area is the kitchen with a washroom tucked beside with its entrance in an alcove next to a bedroom with deck access. The stairwell acts as a division to another bedroom on the far end also with deck access. The staircase leads up to a loft area.


The elevations show the use of angles to create the interesting silhouette the building presents to the landscape.
Schlyter / Gezelius Arkitektkontor



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