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Contemporary Chandeliers by Ochre – glamour Light Drizzle Chandelier

Ochre creates dramatic modern lighting pieces that use unusual materials and elegant forms. Flawless British craftsmanship creates artistic chandeliers and lighting effects that embellish even the finest homes. Their Light Drizzle contemporary chandelier is a stunning example of these posh sophisticated designs. Long slender glass pendants that end in heavy droplets are arranged in concentric rings. The light sneaks out from between the many slender pendants, while the droplets ends give the chandelier weight and form. Available in two sizes, the Light Drizzle Chandelier comes in both black and clear glass. The clear glass refracts the light and glitters with internal illumination, which adds sophisticated elegance to fine dining rooms. The black reflects the light of its dark shining surface for a modern fashionable class and fabulous designer style. A luxurious creation that exudes modern refinement and gilds even the most beautiful of homes, Ochre’s Light Drizzle Chandelier can be ordered for £1,850 or $3,600.



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