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LED Lighted Shower Column by Megius – Waterwall

Shower yourself in luxury and light, with this cool LED shower column by Megius. Combining water with color, Waterwall is the latest in home-spa essentials, allowing you the relaxation of chromatherapy as part of your daily routine. This LED lighted shower column features a skirt and variable-length blowholes, and it can be installed as freestanding, recessed or semi-flush with shower enclosures, as per your bathroom design. Available in two variations, the Waterwall features a panel with 6mm tempered glass in a glossy back or white finish equipped with digital soft-touch controls. The illumination factor comes via two vertical LED strips running the length of the column. But the luxury doesn’t stop there! This sumptuous column boasts six anti-dorsal jets, a thermostatic mixing valve, a hand-shower with a magnet for easy storage, and a showerhead with four water dispensers. Turn your showering experience into something you can really sing about! For more information on the Waterwall shower column, visit Megius.



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