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Laminated Glass Entry Door Creates a Mesmerizing Light Effect

This laminated glass entry door creates a mesmerizing light effect. In fact, it’s a whole light show. We cannot get enough of this door. By Armin Blasbichler Studio, it was created by laminating 585 diapositives of Pantone swatches. A diapositive (we had to look it up ourselves) is a positive photographic image on transparent material. On glass, in this case, and in a laminated wooden frame. The light it casts is nothing less than remarkable. It was used in an unusual log cabin that we’ve written about before – that abode being in no way less intriguing than the door itself. The colors are just incredible and do you notice how the shadows take different forms on the stairs than the wall? We can’t say that we’ve ever seen a door more magical. Forget through the looking glass, try through the colored glass door!



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