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Lakeside House Built on Transparencies and Reflections

This contemporary lakeside residence in Belgium was designed by BBSC Architects as a series of transparent and opaque boxes. There is also a very strict geometrical pattern, with straight lines and 90 degrees angles. The exterior design is more dynamic at the back or street side of the house. The rhythm is given by the sequence of transparent and opaque surfaces, as well as by the sharpness of the angles. The front facade is flatter and completely glazed. It serves a double role, one functional and one aesthetic. The functional role is is that of bringing a maximum of natural light inside. The aesthetic one is that of opening beautiful views on the lake from every corner of the inside. The first floor mezzanine is created as a sort of gallery that gives the best seats for the spectacle of nature. This giant glass facade also works as a mirror for the surrounding landscape, that reflects itself in an ever-changing picture.

The fully glazed facade is a giant mirror that reflects the seasons, the movement of the trees, the lake and the sky.
Inside we find the same pure and minimalistic approach. The white walls absorb and reflect the natural light that penetrates through the front facade.
The podiums, galleries and double-height voids create dynamic, interconnected volumes and spaces.
The intimate spaces are revealed through glass walls instead of being hidden.


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