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Kush Kush bean bag chair – beans bring luxury!

The 6 ft. Kush Kush – one BigOne bean bag. Wow! We couldn’t pass on the Kush Kush experience… Nothing works better than a happy customer’s feedback – here’s from Craig… “I work for a software company. We just ordered these uber comfortable bean bag chairs. I test gaming consoles, this is the first time I sat in a bean bag chair and have been so comfortable I haven’t wanted to move. I can actually change the shape by sitting in it differently. My boss might actually give me a raise for not moving from one spot for such a lengthily period. They are so cool and comfortable my buddy and I ordered a few for our apartments. I would almost trade in my bed for one. Check them out – The Sac Company.” Call to order: 310-980-0271.
Thanks, Craig!!!

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