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Kid friendly yet trendy apartment decor

So, you’re living in an apartment, have a couple of kids and a dog, with no clue on how to have a well- put together home that isn’t boring. We’re here to help you reclaim your power and share with you how you can create an impeccable space that is kid-friendly yet trendy while offering your personality on a platter. Here is how to do just that without having to shy away from white decor.

Dramatic Contrast

When in doubt, use bold hues and work them in with wood. Wood will easily contrast the apartment without taking away from the color aspect of the room.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to decorating a space with the idea that children will be around, it’s important to keep in mind how much contrast you can have in the room. While many will say “stay far away” we beg to differ. Instead of running in the opposite direction, run towards it and go big! Work with bold contrasting hues and patterns for that daring effect. Use bold hues such as blue, yellow, orange, or even pink and pair them with cheetah print, stripes, or even circles for an effortless vibe.

Frame their Artwork

Pair your children’s artwork with actual pieces to create a chic contrast that makes the room come to life easily and quickly.

There is something extremely sweet about kid’s artwork. Not only do they create their masterpieces with an extreme sense of pride, but they work exceptionally hard to ensure their pieces are loved by everyone. Therefore, take pride in the work your kids do and display them. The trick is putting them in metallic frames and focusing on what they do to the room. Whether that brings color or even texture you want to have them look and feel as put together as possible.

Display Books

When selecting your colorful books choose books that have a similar hue in the spine for a cohesive yet uniform look.

If you truly want to get your kids to read, consider displaying books. You want to display books almost as if they’re art pieces. Doing so will bring a little bit of joy while providing them with books they can fall in love with. With an abundance of tiles and displays to choose from, work with a blend of books that your children have already read and ones you think they will enjoy. Having both may reinforce them the idea of reading regularly.

Open Floor Plan

For a grander appeal work your open floor plan by bringing in large windows and allowing them to be the statement.

Here’s the deal if you have a growing family, and you need more space but can’t move just yet, the simple act of opening up the floor plan will make any room come to life. It’s all about having the room feel as open and airy as possible. Creating that open space will instantly make any room feel fresh and new while still being a part of any décor you decide to embrace. To create this open floor plan, begin moving your furniture in an outdoor manner to expand the room as much as possible. Work with a neutral aesthetic to further showcase an open plan.

Opt for a Wood Dining Table

Just because it’s wood does not mean it has to be boring! Bring in wood that has some sort of texture for that engaging feel that is chic and unique to the eye.

Let’s face it, kids are messy, meaning they will unintentionally get things dirty. While that is okay, it is also okay to not want to ruin your nice furniture. That is where having a wood dining table will come in handy. Wood is not only quite durable, but it can easily be refurbished and painted. Therefore, if it gets messed up or scribbled on you quickly fix it. There’s also the idea that you can bring in a wood stain that helps keep your table as easy to clean as possible.

Choose Wallpaper

A chic wallpaper with a repetitive pattern is the perfect way to embrace the room yet get the most of the square footage you already have.

When deciding your wallpaper, you want to be as concise and simple as possible. While having a busy wallpaper with a bunch of patterns is fun and chic, it’s not always child friendly, especially if it comes in silk material. Therefore, you want to stick to wallpapers that are easy on the eye yet have a unique twist to them. It’s all about providing your aesthetic while matching it to your décor. Work with a neutral wallpaper and pair it with a bold furniture piece to create that engaging visual.

Soft Seating

When no one is sitting on your stools, consider using them as a table for added texture.

If you’re looking for living room, seating that is kid-friendly while still being good for your décor, consider soft seating. But what does soft seating mean? It means you have seats that are better for the room while being good to your back. Nobody wants to sit anywhere uncomfortable for an extended period. Keeping that in mind, consider bean bags or stools as one of those comfortable pieces that will make a difference in the room while providing comfort. Furthermore, it adds style and charm, right where you want it most.

Add Rugs

Add a large rug with a daring, pattern to trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than what it actually is.

Don’t be afraid of rugs, though they might not be child friendly, they’re cozy and who doesn’t love a cozy space? The key when working with rugs is staying away from neutrals. Neutral shades are tempting and they’re great to have but they do tend to get dirty quickly, which is why you want to stay away from them. Instead of having a white or beige rug, consider charcoal or deep gray.

Give them Their Space

When it comes to giving them their own space get as creative as you can and allow the room to feel as personal to them as possible for the ultimate treat.

Every child wants to feel as if they have a slice of the home that is just for them. Whether you do that by creating a playroom or you completely reinvent their bedroom, giving them their own space will make them feel a part of the home. It’s all about reinventing the little bit of space you want to give them and make it as bold and engaging as possible. The bolder and more personalized the room is, the more they will want to be in that room.

Throw Pillows

The bolder your throw pillows the more personable the room will feel to the kids. Furthermore, ask them how they feel about it for some much-needed opinion.

One easy and effective way to keep a room charming while being child-friendly is by adding throw pillows. Throw pillows are great when you want to add a hint of color and texture right where you need it most. Whether that is on a chair, a sofa or both bring in a dose of color and allow the room to come to life with your new items. Nevertheless, you can exchange them every time the season changes, making them the perfect complementary touch.

Which of these ideas are you interested in bringing to your home? Share with us below.




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