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Kangeri Nomadic Radiator by Tubes Radiatori is Modern Heater

Satyendra Pakhale designed the Kangeri Nomadic Radiator to be a plug in and portable heater that is meant to warm up spaces close to the user – perfect for under a desk or next to a cozy chair.

Kangeri Nomadic Radiator has its muse in the nomadic radiator used for centuries by the Kashmin people in Northern India. Called a Kanger, which is a pot filled with hot embers, it is usually held beneath their traditional clothing to keep warm.
The Kanger is an object of cultural importance to the Kasmiri and just as with the new modern day Kangeri Nomadic Radiator, it was considered to be a work of art.
The main bulbous body of Kangeri Nomadic Radiator is made from powder-coated aluminum in either black or white with an integrated oak wood handle.
A power cord extends out from the base of the unit, which is held off the ground by three easy to maneuver wheels. Love the red cord on this one!
The shape of the aluminum body and the oak wood handle add a sophisticated aesthetic to Kangeri Nomadic Radiator that make it visually exciting to see in a room.
Easy to move around, the Kangeri Nomadic Radiator can be placed easily within any domestic or office space – instantly creating a comfortable zone of warmth.
Not only is it a refreshing take on current energy consumption strategies, it’s cute too.
This contemporary mobile heating device is the product of years of research and development – and a refreshing new visual of what a radiator can be.
It’s amazing what designers can come up with when they think outside the box.
Tubes Radiatori


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