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Decor Radiators by k8 – Bamboo

radiator bamboo k8 radiatori 1 Decor Radiators by k8   Bamboo
We are really enjoying decor radiators Bamboo by k8 Radiatori at the moment. Often times, radiators can be such an eyesore. We look for ways to camouflage, hide or blend these structures into our stylish interiors and sometimes without real success. They’re always there, starring at you, reminding you that even though you tried your best to make it fit in, it just doesn’t. But we need them, they’re essential to a comfortable life. Enter k8 Radiatori. They create innovative and decorative heating units for interiors – like this beautiful Bamboo one for example. Inspired by nature itself, they take the slender shape of bamboo and turn it into a modern decorative element that would not only fit into your decor scheme, but that might just enhance it. Go to k8 Radiatori to see more.

radiator bamboo k8 radiatori 2 Decor Radiators by k8   Bamboo



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