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Kallista Vir Stil vanity by Laura Kirar – new white lacquer finish

If you are looking for a lovely free-standing vanity, you’ll be pleased to note the Kallista Vir Stil vanity by Laura Kirar is available with a new white lacquer finish. The Kallista Vir Stil vanity, previously available in Black Walnut, is now even easier to add to your wish list with its Stucco White finish. An iconic piece, the vanity is mounted on simple cylindrical legs which serve to complement the straightforward faucet in color and form. The circular shape of the handles is an exercise in minimalist refinement, yet, the handles’ basic styling adds a welcome focal point to the overall look. With its natural stone surface, the vanity is sure to appeal to those who wish to keep their style uncluttered. Consistently popular, the Vir Stil vanity by Laura Kirar in the new Stucco White lacquer finish is another winning combination. Priced from $ 3,550. Kallista


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