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Jay Watson Bio Mass Lights Made From Tree Branches

Known for keeping close track of supply sources and making sure his products are made in environmentally friendly ways, furniture and decor designer Jay Watson’s latest piece features a main ingredient that is literally from right in his own backyard. The artist hand-picks tree branches from his own property to drill out and fit the latest kind of low-energy-use LED inside with an exit through the bottom, resulting in a hanging light with preserved moss and wood textures. As such, each individual piece in unique and represents a slice of the designer’s own personal life. The lights make an interesting statement in a modern space, especially in those on woodland lots, connecting the often perfectly clean and artificial interiors of modern spaces with the natural world.
Alone, each light is a compact solution for brightening up a tabletop, closet, or small room. Together, a series of them in a line could light a bar or a cluster of them could make for a modern woodland chandelier. Such fixtures could easily be imaged in a contemporary cabin as a substitute for the traditional chandelier of antlers, or in a city-dweller’s apartment as a reminder of what lies outside the urban sprawl. These fixtures blend absolute nature with the cutting edge of the lighting industry, making for a strikingly beautiful and organic combination. As each piece is one-of-one, no matter how many of them you purchase each individual piece will have a personality all its own.

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