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Japanese Ofuro Bath – Ofuro Bathroom Design Inspiration

The pleasure of a traditional Japanese bath is expressed with this Ofuro Bathroom design inspiration. This Zen-like, pared-down look from the East will never go out of style. The emphasis is on making the room a serene sanctuary, with the steaming Ofuro bath taking pride of position. Here, the gorgeous, handcrafted Hinoki Ofuro bath by SeaOtter WoodWorks offers warmth and relaxation, whilst the large windows on two sides offer a beautiful view of a snowy forest. A mirror on the third wall adds even more brightness to the scene. The rectangular bath is placed on a platform, an object of beauty in Hinoki wood (with a natural citrus aroma), teak or cedar. After washing outside the tub with plenty of soap and hot water, the bather ascends the two steps and slips into the clear water to contemplate the view… This bath is available in several sizes from SeaOtter WoodWorks. For more inspiration or to order, visit their Japanese Bath website or call 888-810-7717.


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