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Jacuzzi’s La Scala Whirlpool Bath – A Man’s Dream

Make time stand still… thanks to the patented silent air induction system, you can make it stand quiet also. This got to be the man’s favorite… it has a remote control… a floating one! While ‘in’ La Scala Whirlpool you can enjoy the home theater surround, watch your favorite DVD movie through a long soak and with plenty of room for some company. The La Scala would be a complimentary addition to your master suite or home fitness center. Starting at $ 33,759.
Dimensions: length 84″, width 73.5″, height 51″
Exciting features: Floating remote control for audio/visual system.
DVD System, 43″ HDTV flat screen built-in TV, Built-in CD/AM/FM stereo with remote control, Surround sound system, Underwater mood lighting, 6 fully adjustable PowerPro jets, 2 AccuPro foot jets, 2 directionally adjustable body and side jets, Slip-resistant bottom. Jacuzzi


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