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Jacuzzi Towel Warming Drawer – the Home Spa luxury

The Jacuzzi Home Spa Towel Warming Drawer can provide a luxurious spa experience right in the comfort of your own home. With this new Towel Warmer Drawer, you can pamper yourself after each and every bath or shower. The unit has been cleverly designed to accommodate up to four towels whereby each towel is draped over heated poles. In just minutes, the towels are warmed to 105 degrees, keeping you toasty even when the bathroom is not. This drawer unit can easily be installed into 36” or 24” cabinets, allowing you to incorporate this helpful device into a new or existing bathroom. Aesthetically pleasing and practical, this towel warming drawer will be sure to make your mornings a little more comfortable. Available First Quarter of 2007 from Jacuzzi.


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