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Italian Glass Flooring by Vitrealspecchi

There’s nothing quite as subtly luxurious as the feeling of walking on an Italian glass floor, and the Madras Flooring collection from Vitrealspecchi truly has it all – fabulosity, and function. Starting with its look, there is something undeniably alluring about this glass floor, which has an eerie glow about it that begs the question, “What’s it really made of and what’s behind this chic finish?” Add to this the practicality of non-slip, and you’ve got a winner. Modern techniques like milling, ceramic silk-screening and sanding offer anti-slip benefits, but no guarantee in terms of efficiency or permanence. Madras Flooring is made with an exclusive etching process providing a long-lasting and lovely finish, making it ideal for high-traffic areas that still demand style to the nines. Check it out online by visiting Vitrealspecchi.



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