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Innovative Italian bathroom design – Space Stone bathroom line from Ceramica Globo – the Open Space concept

With Ceramica Globo’s Open Space series they push the boundaries of conventional bathroom design. Challenging the conceptions of bathroom layout, they offer a free-standing vanity. Instead of traditional arrangements, which placed all units against a wall, the Open Space concept frees bathrooms of this restraint. It opens up the space into a dynamic system which allows freedom of movement. All of this is presented in a modern Italian style. The dark wood cabinets are a bold counterpoint to the gleaming white of the over hanging basin. The off-centre placement accentuates the dual level basin with its nature inspired run off. Even the floor mounted faucet offers simplicity and order over natural elements. Combined with the simple forms of the toilet and bidet which hover above the floor, the whole bathroom concept challenges our preconceptions. Ceramica Globo offer not only modern bathroom style, but a sophisticated approach to interior design.


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