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Innovative Island House with Glass Facade

In the cold of winter, passion for architecture is just the thing to warm your heart, and Netherlands’ architecture firm 2by4-architects have done just that with this two-faced country cottage. From one side, it takes on a traditional form with its classic roofline and natural wood cladding. From the other side, it becomes a modern space enclosed in glass, with stunning views out and in! Here’s the tour.

Set on an island measuring 5 by 100 meters on Loosdrechtse Lake, this recreation home offers a great escape during the summer and a wonderful place to hibernate during the winter. The water surrounding this small but sweet home is as inviting in the warmer months as in the winter, when it freezes into a smooth sheet of glass. In fact, we think this may be the inspiration behind this interesting contemporary design.
Facing the lake, this cottage features a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that offers unobstructed views of nature. Through the seasons, the ever-changing scenery is forever the focal point. One of the glass facades opens to bring the outdoors in. Just outside, a wood deck becomes an extension of the indoors. One of the wood facades can be folded open, creating an abstract wall “floating” above the water’s surface while connecting the living room directly to the lake. Just dive in!
Inside, minimalism is the name of the game. The home’s ultra sleek aesthetic is made so through a virtually empty interior. The vaulted ceiling creates the illusion of space in this small but sweet home. Though compact, the cottage has everything you need – bathroom, kitchen and storage space, all integrated into a double wall. A suspended fireplace at the center can be rotated to face the indoors or the exterior patio area.
A step up into the window area offers a defined spot to sit enjoy the view.
Via Archilovers


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